Sharri Donahue

Chief Executive Officer

An experienced and successful entrepreneur, over 30 years Sharri has held positions in banking & finance, web design, and marketing. A start up specialist, Sharri has successfully developed three companies, where she currently serves on the respective Boards of Directors. Sharri is in charge of all Finance functions, including capitalization, acquisitions, and government relations.

Raymond Donahue

President and Chief Operating Officer

Ray has held many positions in logistics management, operations, and sales over the past 37 years. A Subject Matter Expert in developing, implementing, and executing defense and government related logistics processes for critical international missions in support of both private and public enterprises. He has successfully managed many major projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars, many in combat or high risk zones around the world. Ray has been recognized by both private and public entities for outstanding achievement in providing and executing logistical solutions. He has vast experience in all methods and modes of domestic and international transportation.

Ray holds several Industry certifications and is a U.S. Licensed Custom House Broker.